Vadodara Children Activity Centre (VCAC)

 Vadodara Children Activity Centre (VCAC) is a non-profit effort involving volunteer, slum children and the community in “Education and Removing Poverty” loacted at Vadodara, Gujarat (India). This centre was started by Shri Ashok Gupta, management consultant,chemical engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in year 2012. Mr. Gupta is having over 30 years experience in senior management positions and as a management consultant  in reputed companies in Supply Chain/General Management/ Techno-Commercial areas in India and Indonesia.


Activities undertaken for Children at Vadodara Children Activity Centre (VCAC)

The activities in this centre are planned well in advance in a very systematic way and it follows a time table mentioning the date as well as time concentrating on the holistic development of the children.

Some of the activities undertaken by this centre are mentioned below:

  • Music : Harmonium , Vocal, Dancing to Music
  • Reading stories from book, mono-acting
  • Skit (10 minutes): Script and character sketch
  • Pressed flower cards, impression of thumbs, leaves, vegetables etc with water colours
  • Gujarati songs, poems,cartoons from computer videos
  • Spreading of Health Message: Hanging cards/posters like brush teeth twice a day, have bath in morning, wear clean dress
  • English alphabetical cards such as A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat …so on
  • Playing Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Carrom, playing with toys, making clay tortoise in groups
  • Memory Game : Showing from table 10 items and asking them to recall group wise
  • Story telling of thief, ghost, funny topic etc.
  • Word games like guessing from signs and clues
  • Magic tricks
  • Origami-Japanese paper craft : Making houseboat, plane with pastel/poster colouring
  • Making house from card board / chart paper kits
  • Box Craft
  • Making flower from tissue paper
  • Vaato Kariye (Let’s Talk): Visit to zoo, what I like to eat, do, what I dislike, my favourite past time etc.
  • Passing the pillow game, lemon spoon game etc.
  • Dialogues from films
  • Acting, teleconversation: Visit to zoo, a crying child,angry teacher, forgot to do homework.
  • Computer Classes


Photographs of Children at Vadodara Children Activity Centre (VCAC)


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