Feelings Counselling Centre

Dr. Rashmi M. Vyas (M.S.W., Ph.D., C.A.T.,D.A.T.,M.D.-ACU) :

FEELINGS COUNSELLING CENTRE, Vadodara, is a unique combination of professional services i.e. counselling and alternative therapies at clinical setup, probably pioneer of its kind in Baroda.The COUNSELLING CENTRE is established since 2001, by Late Prof. M. D. Vyas & Dr. Rashmi M. Vyas. At present owned and managed by qualified professional Dr. Rashmi M. Vyas, a person with very wide (more than two and a half decades) experience in the field. The cases handled by her run in four digits.

“FEELINGS” started with counselling and now added alternative therapies like Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Reiki, Colour Therapy, Music Therapy, etc.

Counselling is a professional method to help a person and family to cope up with psychosocial needs, demands, marriage, sex, family, school/study, relationship, depression, aggression, anxiety, frustration, etc. issues.

Alternative therapies like Acupressure, now a days are getting more recognition and acceptance because of no medicines, quickness, surety, no side effects, and safe in nature. This therapy has been recognized by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.

Alternative therapy is used here to help pain management, relaxation, anxiety, depression, bed-wetting, sleep disturbances, fatigue, cramp, reproductive health related issues, addiction, keeping the self ever fit, etc.

The uniqueness of “FEELINGS”
Counselling and alternative therapies are used to support each other, wherever required and agreed upon. This makes the treatment more effective.

Contact Details

Address: 217,Golden Trade Centre,
Nr. S.T.Depot, Nr.Gaurav Hotel,
Vadodara-390 002.

Contact Person: Dr. Rashmi M. Vyas (M.S.W., Ph.D., C.A.T.,D.A.T.,M.D.-ACU)

Contact: + 91 98257 84350 (Call for Appointment)