Alumni Tracker & News:Objective

Alumni Tracker & News aims to highlight the journeys of all professionals after they passed their courses from Faculty of Social Work, The M.S. University of Baroda till the present date. In today’s hectic schedule, it has become difficult to keep a regular track of our Alumni’s with regard to their professional achievements and reaching of life goals & aspirations.

 I felt that it would be interesting to know  from our Alumni’s that how the  professional courses taught in the Faculty have helped them to improve their developmental capabilities, problem-solving skills and coping mechanisms in their professional pursuits and endeavors.

Friends, you are all aware that the field of social work focuses on interactions between people and the societal institutions that impact a person’s ability to accomplish essential life tasks and realize goals. This section also seeks to highlight efforts and achievements of our  Alumni’s who have played a very key & vital role in bringing about a positive change in lives of human beings in their vicinity economically, emotionally, culturally, morally, socially etc.

I appeal to all our Alumni’s and my Friends to share their life professional journeys and achievements, and also how it has influenced their day-to-day actions, behavior and moreover helped them to become a good human being.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Satyajit R. Dey

M.S.W (1997), I.R.P.M (1998)

Faculty of Social Work,

The M.S. University of Baroda, Baroda


Pl. Note: Alumni’s can share their life’s professional journeys by sending an e-mail at: